Monday, 27 October 2008

Internet security

Have you ever thought about who is looking at your Blog? I have been reading Beths blog for some time, generally its really funny about her trails through daily Life !But she posted recently about how she found one of her LOs mixed in on a site with other X rated pictures even though she had long since deleted her LO, I do tend to be quite careful with my LOs and dont post any of my children Naked in any form, I do believe there is one of my LO as a baby.

Anyway she has done a little tutorial on how you can find out how to see who is looking at your blog! Its really intresting Have a look! Check it out here Beths Blog And although she does admit there is a whole load of info she is not sure about she describes the main points, and how she found out the link to the site. I am not paranoid by anymeans but I think people should be careful about what they post. Thats why mine does not have a whole load on it!!!!

She also has Various freebies available if you want to look at her older posts! Thanks for the info Beth! Its really appreciated!

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