Saturday, 30 August 2008

Free kits

Do you like this????
Mel Hains and Vicki of AWP have made a fabulous collab kit which is available to you free! Just leave some love on your way through.
Mels blog and then hop to Vicki's blog

Here are a couple of LOs using the new kit.
My son aged 16 months and the astonishement of music through Headphones

Credits - Cafe del Mar collab freebie by Mel Hains-lightbulb moments and Vicki- A work in progress
Royanna Lea Fritschmann - in short supply
debra tope collage layer styles
Atomic cupcake action

And Stylish sunglasses from the 80s which uses Cafe del MAr and Summer treats collab freebie that Mel and Vicki Made available free too!

Love my boys!!!!


I have been busy making Los with Mels new kits. A kit perfect for all the layouts of the rugged men in your life! 14 heavily textured papers, 20 elements and a wooden alpha all included in this versatile kit! Its available here at Snap and Scrap.

Its called my other half and heres a pic!

and heres a couple of LOs

And heres a LO i really Love! Of my youngest and a Nee Naw as he calls it! He was terrified when he climbed inside!

Mel also has a free kit on her blog called Cats and Daisies and its a cute little kit free to download at Mels blog ! Dont forget to say Thanks!!!

Heres the kit!

and heres My LO of my beautiful cat who i had to let go last year as he was so ill with cancer, my bro-in-law always called him devil cat! But Dali would always try and sit on his Knee!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I have been working with
Mels kits again and have a few LOs to show you!

I am still working on my Zoo pages. Here is the LO of the sightly squint eyed Ron the ruffled Lemuur! Using Mels Going to the

And here is a LO made from Mels Hopes and
Dreams kit, It is my son charlie who likes to say goodnight to the moon and stars.

The last one I did was for a challenge at snap and scrap , they have a great freebie kit called under water going if you do all the challenges there !!

This Kit is from Mel also and is called candyfloss garden, it is available on her blog mels lightbulb moments Please leave a thank you if you Download!!!

She also has a fab new feebie called cats and daisys perfect for your little kitties!

Dont forget to say Thank you!!!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Busy Busy

Over the weekend I have been busy with Mels new kit and so have the rest of her creative team and what a talented bunch of lovely ladies! You can head on over to Mels Gallery and see what the team have created! Dont forget the kits are in the shop right now. Mels hains products

heres a couple of LOs have made from her fabulous Hopes and Dreams kit.

this is for the challenge jot it down at snap and scrap, giving advice to ones self ! its harder than you think!

This Lo has all my boys in it, when they were tiny babies just a few hours old.

And heres a Lo i have done for the precious memories at DSO using their mega scrap journal kit. And it reallis a huge collab kit! its fab.

A quote for today. "Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better". I am always trying to improve my LOs and learn new things Why isnt there 36 hours in a day!!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

I am so Happy !!!

Well I have been selected by a fabulous designer Mel to be on her creative team. Which means I create Lay outs from Her awesome Kits! I was so happy to be selected, I could not believe it and was doing a happy dance!!! Thanks Mel for giving me this opportunity and well done to the other ladies too! We are still getting to know one another and are all on different time zones too! I am having fun already and learned new things too.

She has 2 kits in her available in the store at Snap and scrap

The first Is called Going to the Zoo and its so Cute I love the expressions on the animals faces! The bright colours are so zingy! This is the full kit ( seperate parts are available )

And heres a LO made with the Kit, These are photos of the elephants we saw last week at the Zoo.

This also uses the tear template from cottage arts.

I also used ribbons from Scrapdoctor on this LO
I really like how they Look the bright colours add to the fun that the elephants were having!

The second is called Hopes and dreams and is fabulous pastel colours its really beautiful! I especially love the Star overlay in this kit is so very pretty.

I have Made a LO with this beautiful pastel kit, for the Jot it down challenge at snap and scrap and here it is!

I also used Collage Layer styles from Debra Tope.
I really enojoyed making this LO!!! Although I had to think about it alot!

Mel has a freebie available at the Store too! From her new Kit Hopes and Dreams!

Thats it for tonight Its been a fab day!!!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I really like wednesdays, it my last working day! the other two days, Thursday and friday i love to spend with Charlie!

Last week when my sister visited we went to the local wildlife park, They have some fabulous animals there and they are one of the most successful at breeding animals in the whole country, recently they have breed 4 clouded leopards which are really rare, and they are beautiful cats.

The tigers which I loved to see Live in a compound named after two men - name of wilson and Stocks who were both killed within a month of each by the tigress Ezra, Who they looked after.

The Gorillas were so beautiful and they have them at all stages from babies right throught to the older ones! The silverback was so stunning unfortunatly I could not get really good photos of them ! the glass kept reflecting! but here is the LO i made for the picture perfect for the challenge at DSO.

Kit is called Mandee by Marcee Drugger at DSP

The challenge was to crop a photo to get into the detail and this photo when cropped was tiny! I found the best way to enlarge is not just by transforming but by increasing the size using percentage and increasing 110% each time although it does take time you retain more of the image here is the original!

We also saw the fabulous elephants! And this was the photo that made every one giggle!

As you can see the Elephant has both front and back legs crossed and is leaning against the fence! Do you think its tired! LOL

here is the baby its so cute !

And here is the family!

The resovoir dogs! LOL

And what do we have here! Escapees! LOL taking a break.

The part the boys enjoyed going for ice cream!!!!LOL We had such a great day out we were all shattered when we got home!

Monday, 11 August 2008


Today was a boring day at work! Why do we have too...LOL.
I was glad they showed some of the olympic replays, wow all 3 medals for my country won by WOMEN! how fabulous.
Here are some LOs which I made from freebie kits from a wonderful designer called Vicki she has a great website and she has some fabulous freebies her kits are great! check her out her site AWP

This LO uses Vickis Land and sea kit.

This uses the Land and sea kit and the kite is from Nicole Young

Saturday, 9 August 2008

First Post

Heres my First 2 LOs to be posted here one is of My son Charlie in his Overhead Towel. As soon as I saw Mels new Lil Monster kit I knew it would match and look fabulous. Head on over and grab this fab kit at Mels Lightbulb Moments and dont forget to leave a little thank you!!!

And the other LO is of charlie using my bed as a trampolene!