Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I really like wednesdays, it my last working day! the other two days, Thursday and friday i love to spend with Charlie!

Last week when my sister visited we went to the local wildlife park, They have some fabulous animals there and they are one of the most successful at breeding animals in the whole country, recently they have breed 4 clouded leopards which are really rare, and they are beautiful cats.

The tigers which I loved to see Live in a compound named after two men - name of wilson and Stocks who were both killed within a month of each by the tigress Ezra, Who they looked after.

The Gorillas were so beautiful and they have them at all stages from babies right throught to the older ones! The silverback was so stunning unfortunatly I could not get really good photos of them ! the glass kept reflecting! but here is the LO i made for the picture perfect for the challenge at DSO.

Kit is called Mandee by Marcee Drugger at DSP

The challenge was to crop a photo to get into the detail and this photo when cropped was tiny! I found the best way to enlarge is not just by transforming but by increasing the size using percentage and increasing 110% each time although it does take time you retain more of the image here is the original!

We also saw the fabulous elephants! And this was the photo that made every one giggle!

As you can see the Elephant has both front and back legs crossed and is leaning against the fence! Do you think its tired! LOL

here is the baby its so cute !

And here is the family!

The resovoir dogs! LOL

And what do we have here! Escapees! LOL taking a break.

The part the boys enjoyed going for ice cream!!!!LOL We had such a great day out we were all shattered when we got home!


Roufie101 said...

hi my name is roufie and i have a blog called Life_in_BDA and i have been going through your blog and i really like it and i was wondering if you would want to come check out my blog

P.S. your son is so cute

: )

Caryn said...

Thank you so much for all the kind comments you have left about my LO's. It inspires me to keep learning and keep going :) I'll see you around the digi scrap sphere!